About Media Tornado

Media Tornado exists of a young team of driven and creative professionals. We are supported by a network of experienced freelancers to help us create promotional materials such as websites, successful campaigns, graphic design, and SEO content.

Media Tornado

Marieke Wijnmaalen

Owner and (marketing) communication advisor

Fashionista with roots in Rotterdam, a Pitbull when it comes to PR.

Anna Maria Kooistra

Owner and (marketing) communication advisor

Down to earth Frisian with a love for baking and boardgames. She is no nonsense, what you see is what you get.

Dominique van Doorn

Communication advisor

Dominique is a true all-rounder, from games to fashion, it all comes naturally to him. This cheerful man always wears a t-shirt, even when it's freezing.

Lotte Haen

(marketing) communication advisor

Media booster from the very beginning. Loyal, creative, and very accommodating, but a tough cookie when it comes to negotiations.

Sjors Versteeg

PR & influencer officer

Not unknown in the world of influencers. Loves to drink tea. He would prefer to go live at any time of the day, social media channels really are his cup of tea. 

Lisa Esko


Young girl with a passion for organising events. Is not afraid to go the extra mile and flexible is her middle name!